• Project Parteneriate 42129 /2008: Development of a technology for the synthesis of antibacterial silver nanolayers on plastics, leather and textiles using an original plasma method
  • Project POSDRU /2010: Atomic mixture compound film for antimicrobial applications
  • Project ID 30953/2011 Evaluation of an original alternative for treating osteomyelitis using an animal model
  • Project TE 269/2015: Multilayered nano-structures for X-ray reflectivity obtained using an anodic plasma.
  • Cecuri Inovare /2018: Imbunatatirea capacitatii de ecranare electromagnetica si de protectie la intemperii a unor carcase de circuite electronice
  • Project ESA/2019: DLC-Based coatings for lubrication in vacuum
  • Project ESA/2021: Diamond Like Carbon Coating Device